Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday Mallternative

We often underestimate the power that our collective spending habits could yield. If 25% of of Americans refused to buy non-union made shoes every major shoe company would at least offer a line of union made shoes and many local companies might have a chance at competing. I a global economy are dollar is, in a sense, our only vote. We cast our vote every time we make a purchase. Do we value sustainability, community, economic justice, non-violence? Do we know who makes what we buy? Where it comes from, and where are money goes after it leaves our pockets?
It was in this spirit that the Atlanta AFSC decided to organize what we hope is our first of many Holiday Mallternatives. Businesses, artists, and organizations that sell products that are locally made, eco friendly, fair trade, and fair labor were invited to participate. Around a hundred or so shoppers stopped by and purchased items that ranged from chocolate to t-shirts, books, to Palestinian olive oil, pecans to beach mats.
All who come got to enjoy organic hot apple cider and sample fair trade chocolate and hickory smoked pecans. We even got a visit from Santa Claus, who came bearing gifts!

Venders included:
Ideas are us
"Eco-friendly gifts and decor from India"

"Decorative items*Cards*Artisan jewelry. Tarot readings"
"Hemp and organic cotten tee-shirts"
This organization also know a whole lot about permaculture, check them!

Charis Book store
"An independent feminist book store"

Koinonia Farms

International Action Center, Atlanta

American Friends Service Commitee

Thanks to everyone how can out and made it happen!!!

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