Friday, August 1, 2014

Jailed For Justice Tour: Day 2, Riverdale

As I listened to the honorable Rev. Fred Taylor speaking at last night’s Clayton County stop for the Moral Monday Tour I was inspired. It was a perfect match; an iconic leader who has embraced the ideal of being jailed for justice 28 times, addressing a location that is struggling with so many of the injustices Moral Monday has rallied against. When we stepped into Clayton County for the 2nd in a 16 day tour around the state it was not about just sharing out stories. It was not just about hearing of our actions of the past, it was about what we need right now. It was about the problems facing Clayton County and the offering of hope. Hope that when we come together over the issues that are facing our communities we will win because that is what Moral Monday is. It is the hope for a better Georgia and the reality that we can make it happen together.

As we discussed the Moral Monday platform it was clear that it was resonating with the crowd, our platform was built from the struggles that are facing everyday Georgians because that is what we are. We are everyday Georgians who have decided to raise their voices and speak out against the many injustices that are facing our neighborhoods and state. Our stop in Clayton County was just the beginning of a conversation. How can we work together to bring change? Moral Monday could be the answer.

As we move into the rest of the tour I eagerly anticipate the continued stories, struggles, and excitement that has already been shared on the Jailed for Justice Tour. This tour is not just about us telling our stories. It is about building hope, building community, and committing ourselves to making the changes we know the people of Georgia deserve. It is about building a powerful movement and to do that we need to have our voices heard. The Jailed for Justice Tour has given us the opportunity to speak out and have our voices heard, and now it’s your turn. Join us on August 23rdat 10am when people from all over the state converge on the capital to tell our elected officials it is time to put people over politics. Don’t miss this opportunity to raise our voices in unison!


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