Saturday, June 29, 2013

Single Mother Facing Eviction In The 11th Hour

Warehouse Lofts tenant Jaye Crawford's lease ends on Sunday, June 30. Even with a three month Occupy Our Homes Atlanta campaign, Warehouse Lofts owner Henry Finkbeiner and manager Hugh Trotti are still refusing to renew Jaye's lease. They have refused numerous requests to meet with a number of organizations that volunteered to mediate a peaceable solution including American Friends Service Committee, and Rainbow PUSH. Both times Hugh Trotti and Henry Finkneiner refused not only to meet, but also to simply provide a reason they plan to push Jaye out of her home of almost 15 years. Just because Jaye spoke up about her neighbor's noise violations, the Warehouse team wants to evict her and her daughter.

This past Friday, we decided to visit Warehouse Lofts owner Henry Finkbeiner's home. We hope to show The Warehouse Lofts owner Henry Finkbeiner and his property manager Hugh Trotti that the community will not sit back while he moves to displace a single mom, Jaye Crawford, and her daughter.

We continue to hope that Warehouse Lofts will change their minds and move to do the right thing, but if they don’t, we will continue to organize around Jaye’s campaign for justice. We will not allow abusive land lords to go unchecked in our community.


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  3. That is really cool that they would help her out like that. I have never had to deal with an eviction. I hope that things go well and also get better. Keep your head up high and know that thing can and will get better.

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