Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thousands March For Immigration Reform In Georgia

Today a crowd that swelled to thousands marched around the Georgia capitol for immigration reform. The march was primarily organized by Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (GLARH) and was endorsed by dozens of groups including AFSC.

Today's turnout demonstrated people's commitment to human rights and equality. The crowd was filled with everyday people, families, folks you know had to plan in order to take a day off of work to hit the streets. 

 "For years, we've been targeted by 287(g) and its gotten worse with S-Comm, HB87, and the student ban. Now we'll be marching to tell the Governor(Nathan Deal) to veto SB160 that would make passports no longer valid as an ID in Georgia. "Ni uno más. Not one More." Not one more deportation and not one more day without political equality."
Stated Adelina Nicholls with GLARH.

AFSC is excited about the turnout today and will continue to explore ways to support the movement. 

More Pictures from today's rally:


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