Thursday, October 10, 2013

Homeless Veteran's Struggle Continues

On August 9th 2013 Fannie Mae evicted veteran Mark Harris at gunpoint. Since then he has been holding solemn weekly candlelight vigils outside of Fannie Mae VP Candy Lasher's house to demand that Fannie Mae come back to the negotiating table to get him back in his home.

It's been nine weeks since Mark's eviction, and the ninth week of his vigil. Since Fannie Mae suddenly stopped negotiating with Mark, Congress has shut down the Federal Government leaving only so-called "essential" services operating. Fannie Mae, operating under the Federal Housing Finance Agency, continues to perform foreclosures and evictions.

As a result of the Government shut down our national parks are closed, over 80,000 Americans are unpaid, new social security recipients are not receiving promised and needed funds, yet Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac continue put people like Mark Harris out of their homes.

Today our message was clear; we will not go away until Fannie Mae meets with Mark Harris to discuss a way to get him back in his home. Atlanta doesn’t need another homeless veteran.

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