Thursday, July 24, 2014

Crisis In Gaza

The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) joins our voice with those who say that violence and killing must end. But calling for an end to current violence is not enough. Peace is more than the absence of outright war—it requires the presence of justice, of equality, of recognizing our common humanity. We must work to end the coercive and corrosive control of Palestinians by Israel, and to transform the systems that are perpetuating injustice and death.
Since mid-June, when three Israeli youth were kidnapped and Israel launched a campaign of collective punishment in the occupied Palestinian territory, Israel has carried out bombing attacks against Gaza, while Palestinian factions fired periodic rockets into Israel. On July 18, Israel launched a ground invasion in the Gaza strip. Over 680 Palestinians and 35 Israelis have been killed.
As the situation in Gaza unfolds, we will bring you AFSC's latest statements, resources, and stories from the people affected by the conflict, and ways that you can take action.

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