Tuesday, March 11, 2014

When Voter Rights Are Under Attack, What Do We Do?

Yesterday as part of the Moral Monday Georgia Coalition, we participated in a spirited rally inside the Georgia Capitol the brought together hundreds of people to opposes the supreme courts decision to gut the historic Voter Rights Act and continued attempts by Georgia law makers to put up roadblocks for Georgia voters.

Check out video footage:

49 years after the historic Voter Rights Act was signed the US supreme court has essentially attempted to destroy what so many fought and died for. It's not just the supreme court that's threatening less access to the ballot box, right here in Georgia House Bill 891 attempts to dramatically reduce early voting.
Why are early voting periods important?  Early voting periods provide a chance to vote outside the election day, accounting for work, family obligations, transportation limitations, and other life realities of voters of color, workers, and the poor.

After the rally we headed across the street for a mass meeting on the Voter Rights amendment at Central Presbyterian directly across the street.We will be joined by several buses and a 50 car caravan from Selma as folks make there way from Selma to the DC to bring attention to increased voter suppression that resulted from the Supreme Court's 2013 dismantling of the Voters Rights Act.

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