Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Chase Bank Trying to Evict 79 Year Old Grandmother

On January 1 of this year, Susie Johnson turned 79 years old.  Her family should be celebrating this milestone and the start of a new year,  but instead they're fighting Jp Morgan Chase to keep a roof over Grandma Susie's head.

Last week, Ms. Johnson received a notice from Chase Bank, offering "cash for keys" to get out of her home of over 20 years. Now that they have settled with the Department of Justice for $13billion for their role in the housing crisis, it seems like Chase Bank thinks they're off the hook and can continue to put people like  Susie on the street. Well not on our watch.

Today, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, Grandma Susie's supporters will delivered her petition -- signed by over 6,000 of you -- to Jp Morgan Chase headquarters in New York City, as well as to Chase Bank branches around the country, but we still need your help. In Atlanta a group of us walked inside Chase bank and refused to leave until the manager agreed to accept the petition, then we passed out flyers to folks outside asking them to help us save a Grandmother from being evicted at the hands of Chase Bank.

Will you stand with Grandma Susie and help make sure the message gets heard?

Please call Jp Morgan Chase CEO, Jamie Dimon at (212) 270-1111
Here is a sample script you can use:
"Hello, my name is (your name) from (city and state), and I'm calling to demand that you stop the eviction of Susie Johnson, who lives at 470 Meade St in Orange, New Jersey. Susie is 79 years old, and never missed a payment before being foreclosed on, but now your bank is pushing to evict this senior citizen from her home.  $13billion dollars isn't really relief if it's not helping to keep people like Susie in their homes. Stop the eviction and work out a deal that keeps Susie Johnson in her home for good. 

It's time for JP Morgan Chase to do the right thing -- halt foreclosures and negotiate with families to help restore the home equity and community wealth their reckless actions have destroyed. We know that together, we hold the banks accountable and make sure they relief is getting to the people that need it the most.
Please sign and share the online petition here.
When we fight, we win!

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