Monday, July 11, 2011

Immigrant Youth Come Together

Migrant Youth Voice is an ongoing video project to raise the voices of immigrant youth and share their stories of struggle and strength. On Thursday evening, a group of students who have been involved in the past or wanted to begin to be involved came together to share their stories. This diverse group shared their stories with one another as well as expressed gratitude to be able to hear the stories of others and connect with young people who are facing a lot of the same challenges.
During this gathering we had a special artist come in to help Migrant Youth Voice participants begin to plan a mural. The group brainstormed ideas on what kind of message a mural around immigration should send. The youth had creative ideas of incorporating history as well as latino, asian, native american and african cultural symbols. They came up with some really great image ideas that the artist as well as some artistic students will put together. The students were really excited to be a part of the mural project and cant wait to get their friends involved. Some youth even made plans to record their stories for the project!
The group also left with original pieces of art that they all promised to display proudly!

For more information on Migrant Youth Voice or to participate in recording a story. Please email

Josie Figueroa
American Friends Service Committee

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