Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Guess What Home DIDN'T Flood in Peoplestown?

Street view of Tanya Washington's home on 12/23/15
Just over a week ago Meteorologists reported record rainfall on the days leading up to Christmas 
which flooded various areas in and around metro Atlanta. Wanna know who's home didn't flood at all? Tanya Washington's home , in fact her entire property had zero signs of flooding.

Backyard view of Tanya Washington's home on 12/23/15

Contrary to the City's insistence that all of the homes on the block it has threatened to take by eminent domain in Peoplestown flood, the attached pictures of Tanya Washington's house depict no flooding.  The fact that her house did not flood during record-breaking rainfall is consistent with the position she has maintained throughout the fight to remain in her home, that her 91 year old house (which contains a full basement) does not flood.  It also supports the determination, reflected on the registered survey of her property, that she is "NOT in an area having special flood hazards." (see attached 2011 survey).  If the City's argument for eminent domain based on phantom flooding is recognized as legitimate then many areas in and around the City are vulnerable to the City's taking authority, which sets a dangerous precedence for City homeowners and business owners.  

Side view of Tanya Washington's property on 12/23/15
Why does this pose a threat? During our late December bursts of showers flooding occurred all over the city. Businesses and homes all over metro Atlanta had flooded yards, flooded basements, and streets had flooded cars. Forced displacement should always be an absolute last resort and it should be considered criminal to attempted to force someone, like Tanya Washington, from her home on the pretense of flooding when flooding simply doesn't occur.

The fight against mass displacement is Peoplestown under the pretense of flooding(that in some cases has never happened) is really the fight against gentrification, it's the fight to allow folks to stay in the community they love and helped build despite rising interest in the property by the business and development community. Peoplestown and community's like it can and should be developed. It's possibly to develop a community in a way that benefits those that have been holding it down before it was cool to move there.

We strongly encourage all to sign and share Tanya and her neighbor's online petition by CLICKING HERE.

Watch campaign video here:

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