Monday, July 8, 2013

Rally for Jaye in Her Community of 20 years!

Jaye Crawford has been a visible, vibrant and active member of the Candler Park / Lake Claire / Kirkwood communities for more than 20 years.

As a small business owner, Personal Fitness Professional and Candler Park Boot Camp instructor, Jaye has touched the lives of many in the community, serving hundreds of clients over 15 years. Folks who know Jaye know she is dedicated to to serving her community. Jaye is also a veteran of the United States Army Reserve. She is loved by many for her wide-range of community service, involvement and contributions.

This past Friday the community came together for a rally for Jaye at the Candler Park retail district to increase visibility and awareness about Jaye's Occupy Our Homes Atlanta Housing Justice campaign.

The rally received a lot of supportive honks and thumbs up from folks driving and walking by.

 The rally was followed by "Community Power! A Community Discussion" at Jaye's Warehouse Lofts home. We explored tenant / landlord issues, shared stories about how evictions have touched our lives.

More about Jaye’s Story:

Occupy Our Homes Atlanta member and community activist Jaye Crawford has lived in her zoned-commercial unit for 14 years, which serves as both a living and work space for her personal training studio. When Jaye took a neighbor to court over incessant noise violations (and WON) property owner Henry Finkbeiner and manager Hugh Trotti refused to renew her lease. Mr. Trotti’s stated his reason: “No one reason in particular.” Mr. Finkbeiner nor Mr. Trotti has yet to address the law-breaking tenants. We want Henry Finkbeiner and Hugh Trotti to renew Jaye’s lease, immediately.

Should Jaye be forced to move, she will lose her business and income, and her straight A student daughter may be forced to change schools. Jaye and her daughter deserve to stay in the place they call home. Landlords shouldn't be arbitrarily throwing their most-loyal renters onto the streets like trash.

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