Friday, February 15, 2013

Former APD Detective is Fighting for Her Life, as GMAC and US Bank Drag tTheir Feet

Jacqueline Barber is not only fighting to stop US Bank and GMAC from taking her home, she’s also fighting cancer and back on full chemo treatments. Thousands of people all over the country read about Jacqueline’s story last October and responded. Countless phone calls and emails were sent to GMAC and US Bank officials. Protests were organized in front of US bank branches. Thousands signed Jacqueline’s online petition.

When US Bank and GMAC finally responded, they said they wanted Jacqueline to make an offer on the house, which she quickly did, offering the same price US bank was willing to sell it for on the courthouse steps.

Jacqueline and some of her supporters were so motivated to end this long struggle that they flew to Minneapolis in December, and marched to US Bank’s headquarters to deliver their petition, which over 23k people signed, and pressure US Bank and GMAC to do the right thing.

GMAC and US Bank continue to drag their feet with a response. Meanwhile Jacqueline Barber is literally fighting for her life. Jacqueline has been advised by her doctor that stress will increase the risk of complications with her cancer. The stress of not knowing what is going to happen with her home has taken a serious toll on Jacqueline Barber’s health.

We are encouraging folks to call GMAC and US Bank and ask them to do the right thing, sell the house back at the price they purchased it on the courthouse steps.

US Bank Contact: Richard Davis, US Bank CEO: (612)482-0218
GMAC Contact: Susan Fitzpatrick, Communications Director 215-734-4400
                        Dana Dillard, GMAC Mortgage Senior VP: (214)874-2269

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