Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Brigitte Walkers Story Goes National!

Brigitte Walker's victory not only means that she will be able to stay in her home, it's a call to action for everyone facing eviction or foreclosure! We are encouraged that the rest of the nation is picking up on her story. Brigitte Walker's willingness to resist her foreclosure, along side Occupy Atlanta is truly inspiring!

Check out some of the coverage on Brigitte Walker and Occupy Atlanta's BIG win:


Creative Loafing

AutoStraddle - Occupy Atlanta Saves Lesbian Vet's Home, Accomplishes Tangible Change

Atlanta Creative Loafing - Occupy Atlanta Saves Home From Auction Block

CBS (Atlanta) - Occupy Atlanta Helps Keep Family in Their Home

PBS (Atlanta) - Occupy Atlanta Helps Homeowner Avoid Foreclosure

The GA Voice - Lesbian To Keep Home Thanks To Occupy Atlanta

FireDogLake - Occupy Atlanta Saves Woman's Home From Foreclosure

Project Q Atlanta - Occupy Atlanta Helps Lesbian Veteran Keep Her Home

Youtube - Chase Foreclosing on Veterans

People's World - Memo Confirms Occupy Movement Has Banks on the Edge

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