Monday, February 25, 2013

Big Banks, Predatory Loans, and Worker Abuse

On Wednesday November 7, 2012 Two African American employees at Capital Access Network, Inc in Kennesaw, Georgia had their Voting rights threatened and were demoted by Warshaw in a racist attack because they used earned leave to participate in the Presidential election of 2012.One of those two employees was Pastor David Rice, who had volunteered to drive those who could not make it to the poles on their own on election day.

Apparently the Senior Vice President, Nathan Warshaw, wasn't happy about the election results. Warshaw was apparently heard spouting off racial slurs and referring to President Obama as "That damn  Muslim. When Warshaw discovered that two of his African American employees took paid days off, which they had earned, he called them in the office, cussed them out, and demoted them for taking time off on election day to vote.

"Capital Access Network is no stranger to exploitative behavior. It's no accident that they set up shop in Kennisaw Georgia, as it's a right to work state, which translates to workers having little or no rights. Wells Fargo and two other Wall Street giants including Fifth Third bank and Goldman Sachs basically use capital Access Network  to dodge the Dodd/Frank bill. These big banks fund the telemarketing boiler room headed by Nathan Warshaw, Sr. Vice President of Capital Access Network, Inc to sell High interest rate, Sub-prime type loans to small business owners in all 50 states. Interest rates can be as high as 43% and the company has been forced to settle a number of lawsuits around the country.

This past Saturday a number of organizations including Southern Christian Leadership Conferende(SCLC), Jobs with Justice, Communication Workers of America, American Friends Service Committee, Occupy Our Homes, and New Order held a speak out on th Marietta Square. One thing that was clear is that folks will not tolerate the behavior of Nathan Warslaw and that there's serious concern about a company like Capital Access Network operateing in our backyards. Saturday was but a beginning, and a powerful on at that.

Represented where organizations that have very specific focuses, from housing to human rights, immigrant rights to worker rights; everyone was trying to draw a clear line from Capital Networks Access's abuse or local workers and our economy to their organizational focus.


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